Alison Matejczyk, Senior Executive Director of Development, External Affairs

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Tracy’s style is very much as a partner in the search process – not an order taker. At the beginning of the engagement, she asked questions about my goals which helped me focus and clarify my needs for the open position. By doing so, Tracy really understood where the program was at the time of the search and synthesized what strengths a candidate really needed to have, even when it was hard for me to articulate. This came through in the case statement – she nailed it! Once we started talking with candidates, Tracy could sense ‘this person’s strengths lean this way’ or ‘this person’s skill strength is more that way’. She was spot on with her assessments.

In reviewing candidates, we would go through my gut reactions, the positives, and where we both still had questions. If I felt a candidate wasn’t a good fit, we didn’t move ahead. I never felt like a candidate was being pushed on me; it was a natural, iterative process. Tracy delivered exactly what I was hoping for – a national search with types of candidates who had the experience I was looking for and fit within my budget range. She was realistic about who could be impactful, their salary expectations, and what some of the tradeoffs might be. Tracy is an unbelievably valuable advisor and I am thrilled with the search result.

Mandy Heaton, Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Reed College

Tracy’s professionalism shines at all times through her exceptional communications, high attention to detail, and natural relationship building skills. Her approach is personable, approachable, and consultative, and her follow-through is impeccable. She shared a compelling story about Reed, and it was clear that she had not only a strong understanding of the organizational structure and what was needed for the role but also the innovative thinking capability to see outside of a particular standard. I didn’t come from higher education, yet Tracy communicated the skills needed in a language that I understood regardless of the industry and precisely matched my expertise to Reed’s needs.

During the search, she shared the client’s thinking, their concerns, and helped me think through those details, even giving me the opportunity to ask, “Is this the right fit for me?” I came into the position with a transparent view of the role and the organization. It gave both sides a great starting point. After I had accepted the position, Tracy went above and beyond to ensure my onboarding was smooth. Tracy gave me recommended reading materials on higher-education and connected me with leaders in the industry. She set me up for success. I am in my dream job and I have Tracy to thank.