We believe that understanding and undoing oppression must be at the core of our work, not an add-on. Beyond building diverse pools of talent, we work with clients with an equity-centered, Partnered Learning approach to address organizational barriers, challenging long-held processes and unconscious bias and interrogating our own findings.

We are intersectional in our work. We believe that systems-change is more than a technical problem that a single intervention can address.

We approach conversations as thought exchanges, not an extractive interaction. We have a commitment to transparency, collective learning, and relational follow-through; we strive to capture the aspirations of our clients and invite leaders to engage in the possibilities of change.

We examine the positional power of each actor and seek to understand how this impacts their experience and influence. This includes individual-level, organizational-level, and system-level insights that are representative and actionable.

These are commitments to which we hold ourselves accountable in all of our engagements.


Partnered Learning Centering Equity