Core Values / Team

Equity: We center equity not only in our client’s work and ecosystems, but also our own.

Learning Culture: We’re committed to a learning culture for our clients and ourselves.

Drivers: Resourcefulness, courage, determination, human connection, resilience—
is at the center of what we do.

Meaningful Partnership: We honor and respect everyone’s role and ideas.
We hold each other accountable with the aim of mutual growth.

Context: Core to our process and our values. We don’t approach things from one angle,
which facilitates clarity and transparency.

Awareness: Empathy, vulnerability, and self-reflection help drive our solutions and broaden our perspectives,
so that we meet others where they are and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Working In-Step and Out Loud: Communicating, pivoting around each other, sharing challenges and wins.

Our remote team conducts national and global searches from bases in Boston, MA; Portland, OR; Minneapolis, MN; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Portage, MI; and Clifton Park, NY

empty pic Tracy D. Welsh
Experimental Co-Designer

Tracy D. Welsh

President | She/Her
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empty pic Rachel K. Partin
Connection Catalyst

Rachel K. Partin

Managing Associate | She/Her
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empty pic Eva Kotilinek
Adaptive Pragmatist

Eva Kotilinek

Senior Associate | She/Her
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empty pic Britni Russell-Bianchi
Gate Opener

Britni Russell-Bianchi

Senior Associate | She/Her
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José Cisneros

Associate | He/Him/Él
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empty pic Alicia Paquette
Prime Mover

Alicia Paquette

Search Coordinator | She/Her
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empty pic Katherine MacLellan
Data Enabler

Katherine MacLellan

Data Specialist | She/They
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