Who We Are

Talent Citizen is a woman-owned, executive search firm that taps into the nation’s best thinkers in civil, corporate, and nonprofit sectors in their pursuit of positive social impact. Putting equity at the center of it all, Talent Citizen reaches across boundaries of sector and discipline, with a design-thinking approach to networking that ensures our clients reach talent beyond their own spheres.

Talent Citizen was founded in 2015 to explore how search firms, their client organizations, and leaders across the mission-driven space can use their positional power for collective good. We are grounded by a strong belief in networked leadership and how leaders in various ecosystems can pull levers of policy, advocacy, program, direct services, research, evaluation and learning, and resource development in ways that are explicitly anti-racist and promote racial and social justice.



We believe that understanding and undoing oppression must be at the core of our work, and not an add-on. By working in deeper and more relationship-focused partnerships, search firms, along with many other partners, can share their collective learning to more responsively and comprehensively advance the capacity of the entire sector to confront and undo legacies of racism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism.

Talent Citizen core belief