Eva Kotilinek

Senior Associate | She/Her

Recognized for her ability to engage the whole person beyond the package and posture of highly accomplished leaders, Eva Kotilinek has successfully recruited C-level talent worldwide for organizations ranging from impact start-ups, educational institutions, and nonprofits. Since joining Talent Citizen in 2019, an area of focus for Eva has been understanding the ways that data and technology, particularly in marketing and communications, can be used as a path to equity and finding talent committed to that.

As one of the few executive search professionals who began her career as a pure technology geek, Eva leads recruitments with a keen eye for the ways emerging technology can improve organizational effectiveness and social impact. She brings functional expertise in finance, strategy and planning, development, and executive leadership recruiting, as well as experience in recruitment research.

Eva’s broad perspective allows her to see candidates’ transferable skills, competencies, and experiences, which bridge and add value in corporate, social venture, and impact investment arenas. Imperative to the joy she seeks in her work is being involved with organizations, leaders, and change agents who play an active role in advancing social and cultural change.

Prior to Talent Citizen, Eva was Managing Director at Wyatt & Jaffe. During her tenure she played an integral role in transforming the firm into a responsive boutique recognized by Forbes as one of the 40 Best Executive Search Firms in the country. Eva is valued by her clients for the ability to successfully complete even the most challenging assignments.

Outside of work, you will find Eva spending time with her family and her dogs and the other animals that make up the Kotilinek zoo. Many of whom, if you have had the pleasure of being on a Zoom call with Eva, have made a regular on camera appearance, usually uninvited.  With a passion and love for animals, she has served on the boards of and volunteers for numerous national and local animal organizations—with a soft spot for Basset Hounds in particular. As a family, the Kotilineks own, show, and breed Basset Hounds. Eva holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Winona State University.