Convergence is happening all around us.

Join the nation's best thinkers from the civil, corporate and non-profit sectors in the pursuit of positive social impact.

Look Beyond

Talent Citizen is an executive search firm that strives to reach across the boundaries of sector and discipline. Our firm looks beyond the obvious peer universe of our clients to give them access to talent beyond their own spheres. We experiment with our outreach, but in a systematic way, making sure we tap into a diverse set of leaders who really resonate.

Become a Talent Magnet

Whether you’ve already pulsed your own networks, are still formulating the mix of skills and desired outcomes for the role, or are mounting a significant organizational change process, Talent Citizen will partner with you to understand your specific search needs.

We become net promoters of your organization and credible bearers of your vision and culture.

We synthesize valuable insights from your key internal and external stakeholders and seek to understand your organizational context and strategic imperatives. We identify what types of leadership, diverse perspectives and expertise are needed to achieve the change you want to affect.

We want to assist you with your state of readiness to launch a successful search and attract a strong pool of candidates.

Talent Citizen - Business Team

Evaluate Talent and Cultivate Relationships:

Prospective candidates are evaluated against core competencies as well as leadership intangibles such as style and cultural fit. We share what we’re hearing across diverse networks and work together to authentically address any objections, allowing us to pivot in our outreach or around expectations. We stay connected to you and the candidates, providing them strategic counsel about their professional trajectory and providing you with their feedback as well as keeping them appropriately engaged.

Your partner in recruitment from pool generation to evaluation, deep referencing and close negotiation, we think in terms of long-term relationships. Being respectful of your process as well as acknowledging the time and effort that you, your stakeholders and candidates invest in the process is important to us. We want every individual we encounter in the process to have a positive interaction and to ensure that we strengthen your reputation, influence and impact.