What’s Informing Us

Talent Citizen honors Native American Heritage Month (NAHM) this November. As always, we continue our intersectional learning approach, and this month’s pieces invited us to think more critically about our understanding of Native American history, communities, and leadership.

The articles and resources we found uplifted Indigenous voices and organizations, which inspired conversations and reflections within our team and are helping to inform our work and practice as we partner with mission-driven organizations and institutions across the United States.

Resources we are finding especially relevant and informative this month are:


NowThis News | The Origins of Native American Heritage Month

This video paints a great picture of the history of how NAHM was established and how various Native American groups and individuals advocated for the creation of this heritage month. We appreciated the centering of native voices and a call to action to rethink our understanding of Native American history and how we can contribute to change through policy, philanthropy, and education.

Partnership with Native Americans (PWNA) | History & Culture

This site from PWNA, one of the nation’s oldest organizations focused on advancing remote and isolated populations, contains crucial information on important topics in Native American history, from the violence suffered due to colonization and war to the role of the U.S. government in oppressing native populations through policy and education practices over the centuries. We’re reminded that historical events have led to current conditions and inequities in Native American communities, many of which are being addressed by Indigenous-led organizations such as in the initiatives below.

Civil Eats | Tribes Are Building Food Sovereignty With Help From the Nation’s Largest Hunger-Relief Group

We were excited to learn about how Indigenous communities, such as the Hualapai tribe in Arizona, are addressing food insecurity and building food sovereignty. Collaborating with Feeding America’s Natives Prepared program, a pilot cohort of five tribal nations is working to empower Indigenous groups to produce their own food and integrate disaster resources. Equally important, the initiative seeks to address the historical challenges that have led to disproportionately high food insecurity among Native American communities.

NCAI News | National Congress of American Indians Announces Launch of New Foundation on National Philanthropy Day

On National Philanthropy Day (November 15th), the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) launched its philanthropic arm, the NCAI Foundation (NCAIF). We’re inspired and elated by such a historic moment to support Tribal Nations in upholding tribal sovereignty, empowering Indigenous leaders, cultivating youth leadership, and fortifying tribal nations. We urge all philanthropic leaders and organizations to check out the NCAIF’s Equity and Sovereignty Framework that will guide the foundation’s grantmaking process to promote collaboration, respect for tribal governance, and culturally appropriate practices. The framework can contribute to rectifying historical imbalances and fostering true partnerships between philanthropic entities and Tribal Nations.