Meet the Team
Eva Kotilinek

Headshot of Eva Kotilinek

Get to know our team at Talent Citizen! We invite you to learn more about Eva Kotilinek, what she values about her work, her experience at Talent Citizen, and her love of Basset Hounds. 

What keeps you at Talent Citizen?

Everything! I work with an amazing team and leader. Experiencing the growth of Talent Citizen and each of my teammates has been so empowering and uplifting to my own work. I “grew up” in corporate recruiting in technology and financial services, working with the C-Suite in Fortune 500 companies, in some very powerful corporate and venture capital circles. My work with Talent Citizen has given a whole new meaning to powerful. The mission-driven space in which we are immersed is filled with some of the most incredible, transformational leaders I have ever come across. I get to meet these people every day and share in their stories. Our clients and candidates walk alongside us in centering diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work, and that brings immense pride and satisfaction to what I do.

What have you learned is most important to your work?

Authenticity and transparency in communication. Something I strive for in every conversation I have is to provide as much clarity for the other person as possible, make room for their questions, and set expectations up front. Every search has its own unique intricacies that affect timing and participation. Having a clear understanding of what our adventure holds up front certainly makes for a much more comfortable and secure endeavor. I don’t always get to deliver good news, which is the hardest part of my job, but I have found that if I remain authentic throughout, it doesn’t have to be a fraught conversation.

Something unexpected…Basset Hounds!

In my spare time away from work and raising two teenage daughters, I have a passion for animals, and particularly the basset hound. We have been showing and raising basset hounds internationally for the last ten years. Did you know there is a specific reason for why the basset has such adorably long ears? Their long ears allow them to gather the scent on the trail and direct it more powerfully to their nose, making them one of the top tracking dogs. Despite a reputation for being a lazy dog, they are actually quite an active breed, but in short bursts—and slower, much slower, than the average canine.

Eva Kotilinek and award-winning Basset hounds