Meet the Team
Alicia Paquette

Headshot of Alicia Paquette

Get to know our team at Talent Citizen! We invite you to learn more about Alicia Paquette, including what led her to Talent Citizen, what she enjoys most about her work as Search Coordinator, and even a few recipe suggestions. 

What led you to Talent Citizen?

I developed a wonderful client relationship with Talent Citizen President Tracy Welsh in my former role working in customer service. When a position opened at Talent Citizen during the pandemic, Tracy reached out to me. Executive recruiting was not something that was on my radar, but I was so curious about what serving the mission-driven sector means and how my skills would translate. As we were in conversation, it became apparent that there was a strong alignment in values, and the idea of supporting an organization with such a compelling mission really excited me. Advancing equity, breaking down systemic barriers, and championing the underrepresented have always been personal passions of mine, and I am honored to contribute to that work in partnership with my colleagues and our clients.

What do you love most about your work as a search coordinator?

Since joining Talent Citizen was my first experience in recruiting, I’ve really enjoyed learning the many intricacies that go into executive search. My role as Search Coordinator goes beyond supporting our team; my work extends to anyone in Talent Citizen’s network. Coming from such a strong customer service background, I find joy in providing an exceptional experience for clients and candidates. Being of service has always been core to me, both professionally and personally. My ultimate goal as Search Coordinator is to ensure clients and candidates feel prepared, confident, and valued, which I achieve by working in partnership with my colleagues at the firm and with my counterparts at our client organizations. As I grow in my role, I look forward to continuing to expand the scope of my work in areas like project management, research, and data analytics.

Your profile mentions an entrepreneurial moment in your career with a meal preparation and delivery business. What are some of your go-to recipes?

I first formulated the recipes to alleviate some stress for working families, so they’re often family style and rooted in my own family recipes. One traditional Filipino recipe that I have passed down to my children is chicken adobo and garlic rice. At least one Tuesday night each month you can find me cooking carnitas in the slow cooker—it’s a family favorite and great for a weekday meal. My go-to for entertaining a large crowd would have to be my mozzarella-stuffed turkey meatballs; it is my oldest son’s favorite! And on the weekly rotation we love shrimp cataplana, a pasta dish with Portuguese sausage and shrimp in a butter white wine sauce. I love to share and try new recipes and I’d love to hear some from others in my network!