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It’s Time for a Reckoning and Redesign of Executive Search

Changing the Industry

October 2020

“It’s Time for a Reckoning and Redesign of Executive Search” Organizations must shift their mindset  and practices from a posture of identifying strong leaders to one of changing their culture in order to attract different leaders, Tracy Welsh and Makeba Greene coauthor this piece detailing the harmful biases in executive search, and the changes that… Read more »

Introducing our Podcast!

Mission Drive

June 2020

Mission Drive is Talent Citizen’s new podcast, featuring interviews with transformative leaders across the social sector in pursuit of equity, innovative solutions, and tools to create the conditions for communities and individuals to thrive. In this first episode, Tracy Welsh hosts her longtime friend and colleague, Tahsin Alam, in conversation on the impacts of COVID-19… Read more »

Eva Kotilinek, Senior Associate

Access Overload

Tips for managing while working from home

Eva Kotilinek

April 2020 With the rapid shift to working from home that is now reality for so many individuals around the world, our homes are suddenly fulfilling multiple functions. Our households act like a central nervous system for our lives, operating as a proxy for exercise and entertainment, and from which we telecommute and home-school, as… Read more »