Meet the Team
José Cisneros

Headshot of José Cisneros

Get to know our team at Talent Citizen! We invite you to learn more about José Cisneros, including why he joined Talent Citizen, his contributions to the culture of learning, and the inspiration for his work. 

Why did you join Talent Citizen?

I was really drawn to Talent Citizen’s values and learning culture—these are key components of our search practice. As a former educator, I love continually learning and growing, especially in professional settings. I got a strong sense of that in all my conversations with the team. In search practice, maintaining a growth mindset is important as new practices emerge in the field. Plus, it’s essential to furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion values. Talent Citizen stood out in this area; we center relationships and bring an assets-based approach in our work with care for how candidates and clients experience each phase of a recruitment. This kind of mindset, approach, and values-driven work motivated me to pursue my current role as Associate and join the dynamic Talent Citizen team.

What is it that you appreciate about the learning culture at Talent Citizen?

From a culture perspective, I love that our values are embedded into our search practice and learning approach. As talent citizens, we actively seek to expand our understanding of diverse communities through an intersectional approach. We’ve created time and space to be able to engage in learning opportunities, whether through structured time or informally through our team chat channels. I enjoy sharing resources with my teammates and co-designing learning opportunities and prompts to further our expertise and refine our practices—much of which is shared and put into practice with our clients and field partners. It’s something I’ve really enjoyed being able to engage in with the team as a former teacher. The What’s Informing Us series is a great example of these values and approach. I encourage anyone reading to check out some of our most recent posts!

Who inspires you to do this work?

As search professionals, we are in a unique position to help mission-driven organizations advance their work through talent acquisition. So many of Talent Citizen’s clients do work that impacts communities that I’m a part of and that inspire me in my work, such as first-generation students, immigrant populations, and the LGBTQIA+ community. It’s an honor to work with a values-focused, impact-driven team that recognizes our positionality and is willing to engage in growth and learning as we partner with higher education and nonprofit organizations across the globe.