Chadam Ferrari Pires | Associate


Chadam brings her enthusiastic and driven work ethic as the new addition to the Talent Citizen team. Through her research, data analysis, and volunteer work in the nonprofit sector, Chadam brings a strong foundation for supporting equitable practices. With a natural strength for interpersonal communication, she’s able to personalize and uniquely shift her approach to fit the individualized asks of each and every client.

Through Chadam’s data collection and analysis work with the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, the foremost think tank in researching diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry, she applied data-driven practice and theory-based research to identify where diversity is needed in the entertainment industry, and how to achieve it. This work bolstered her research and data collection skills, leaving her well positioned to enter the field of recruitment, and closely aligning her to the Talent Citizen ethos.

Chadam’s volunteer experience focuses on economic and community resilience, with a commitment to the health and well-being of families. She’s worked with the St. Bernard Project in New Orleans to rebuild neighborhoods as well as Community Services Unlimited to increase access to organic food to families of South Central LA. In addition to her community outreach, Chadam helped in production of a documentary to uplift the work of Get on the Bus, an organization uniting children with their incarcerated parents.

A recent graduate of the University of Southern California, she earned her Bachelor’s in Communication Studies. Her course work focused on diversity and inclusion training, shedding light on systemic inequities and injustices within the hiring practice. Chadam’s training allows her to root her work at Talent Citizen in equity, while continuing to utilize an intersectional lens in the field of talent acquisition.