Our Approach

Talent Citizen is an executive search firm that taps into the nation’s best thinkers from the civil, corporate and non-profit sectors in their pursuit of positive social impact. Talent Citizen reaches across the boundaries of sector and discipline to give our clients access to talent beyond their own spheres.

Often at a critical inflection point in their evolution, we partner with clients to identify what types of leadership, diverse perspectives and expertise are needed to achieve the change they want to affect. We don’t dismiss candidates who “check all of the boxes,” but we want to make sure we are offering perspectives that might enhance your organization’s reputation, influence, culture and impact.

Whether you’ve already pulsed your own networks, are still formulating the mix of skills and desired outcomes for the role, or are mounting a significant organizational change process, Talent Citizen will partner with you to understand your specific search needs. This includes becoming credible bearers of your vision and culture. We experiment with our outreach, but in a systematic way, making sure we tap into a diverse set of leaders who really resonate.

The Talent Citizen team has worked collaboratively with a range of organizations, from regional non-profits with high-impact direct services programs to complex national organizations across higher education, healthcare, philanthropy, and advocacy.