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New Pluralists Collaborative is a cross-ideological funder and field collaborative catalyzing a culture of pluralism in America. We believe the promise of pluralism is core to America realizing our founding ideals of liberty, equality, and justice. When we’re able to live among, work with, and care about people who are different from us – including across race and ethnicity, faith, geography, and political affiliation – and when we can navigate conflict well, we can strengthen our communities, and solve the challenges we face as citizens of a healthy and peaceful democracy.

The work of living up to our founding ideals has been unfinished, with hopeful steps forward alongside profound failures. We continue to grapple with conflicts that go back to our country’s founding, and while facing massive social upheavals and division accelerated by the pandemic, digital technology, economic and demographic shifts, and climate change. We are growing increasingly segregated and polarized along class, racial, religious, and ideological lines, and we are losing trust in each other and in the promise of participatory democracy.

Like the problem, the solutions are complex. Tackling the root causes of divisiveness requires structural changes, and also that we shift our hearts and minds. Culture shapes the way we treat each other, what we consider “normal” or acceptable, and how we make sense of our own experiences. It transcends politics and specific law. Research suggests that most Americans are exhausted with the current climate, and are hungry for different ways to come together, navigate conflicts both big and small, and solve problems.

New Pluralists is meeting that hunger by inviting us all to proactively build a different reality that reflects our country’s founding commitment to equality, dignity, and justice. As a pooled fund, we are raising and investing $100M to catalyze a cultural shift. We are strengthening an ecosystem of practitioners, storytellers, researchers, and innovators from across many different fields, sectors, and communities who share our vision. We use our voice, connect and invest resources in people and ideas that will enable millions of Americans to have the skills, incentives, and imagination to belong in a politically vibrant, multiracial, and multifaith democracy.

At this critical confluence of growth, community momentum, and team energy, the new Director of Storytelling will help bring shape to pluralism: as it relates to the current ecosystem and emerging audiences; how it shows up in community; and its means of expression that makes it real, felt, and useful across a range of audiences and stakeholders who are critical to our culture change endeavor. They will leverage and weave emergent and convergent themes from across our network of Field Builders, funders, grantees, and other partners, to foster a greater collective sense of momentum, belonging and insight. They will shape and invest in timely strategies to catalyze new conversations, identify new audiences, and respond to dynamic cultural moments in ways that shift minds and hearts across many diverse communities, organizations, and sectors-helping to advance our mission and amplify our impact through a range of communications strategies and tactics, across multiple modes of media channels.

Ideal candidates will have: a strong understanding of the role stories can play in driving social/cultural change; an inclusive strategy development lens; and a track record of creatively positioning organizations, initiatives and/or campaigns. This role requires a deep collaboration with leaders, funders, field leaders (including our Field Builders), to harvest and integrate messaging and strategy into storytelling assets that will have relevance across a wide range and types of leaders, sectors, communities, and organizations. Compelling candidates for this position must be highly motivated, capable of self-directed work, detail-oriented, and able to work collaboratively across teams and organizations that represent a wide diversity of ideological, cultural, social, and political milieu. They must exhibit a keen sense of responsibility and enjoy working to drive ongoing change. It will be additive to the Collective’s work for candidates to bring experience in different sectors and communities. An understanding of the principles, strategies, and mindsets required to organize individuals to influence institutions and a complex ecosystem is critical. Previous experience working in a complex organization or network is highly desired, as is the ability to respect divergent opinions, understand multi-directional power flow and work in collaboration with a kaleidoscope of organizations, consultants, and leaders with different missions. Strong verbal and written communications skills are absolute musts. The successful candidate will be a strong relationship builder. Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills are necessary.

Application Instructions

Talent Citizen, a national executive search and consulting firm focused on the pursuit of positive social impact across sectors, is partnering with New Pluralists on this search. President Tracy Welsh and Senior Associate Eva Kotilinek are leading this engagement. Additional questions and nominations should be directed to Eva (

Interested parties should please send an updated resume and how you learned of the position to

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