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The ACLU, America’s premier civil rights and civil liberties organization, seeks a dynamic and mission-driven leader in the field of human resources and team development to join its leadership team.

For nearly 100 hundred years, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been at the center re-shaping and expanding the definition of freedom, liberty, equality, and justice in America. The ACLU of Massachusetts (ACLUM), founded in 1920 as the first state affiliate in the ACLU network, stands on the forefront of on-going battles for racial justice, LGBTQ equality, women’s rights and reproductive justice, immigrant’s rights, religious liberty and belief, privacy, and freedom of speech and the press.

In support of its plan to increase statewide presence and impact, the ACLUM is hiring its first Director of Human Resources & Team Development (Director) to establish an effective human resource office with a focus on employee training and team development. The Director will join an exceptionally skilled and dedicated team of lawyers, organizers, communications specialists, and lobbyists, working together in the courts, the legislature, the media, with ACLU members, and with allied organizations and groups to extend constitutional protections and defend human rights and civil liberties.

Reporting to Executive Director Carol Rose, the Director of Human Resources & Team Development will be responsible for developing human resources strategies that drive operational effectiveness, support enterprise-wide leadership development, advance its equity work, and integrate active and engaged learning into the life and activities of the organization.

Bringing passion to the role, the Director will be a strong coach and problem solver, diplomatic change agent, and an expert in understanding organizational dynamics, while helping to create structures and processes to maximize the effectiveness of a culturally and functionally diverse organization. An advocate for instilling fairness, equity and inclusion in all aspects of the work, the Director will help to identify enterprise-wide leadership opportunities; build collaboration and communication across functional and departmental lines, as well as a shared sense of accountability; administer change initiatives and special projects; ensure operational effectiveness through human, technology, and physical resources; and create pervasive, sustainable cultural norms and values that align with the mission of the ACLUM.

The ideal candidate must have the demonstrated ability, sound judgement to deal with confidential and sensitive information, and often act as a liaison between the Executive Director and other constituencies, both internal and external. This person must be able to understand, clearly articulate, and operationalize the Executive Director’s ideas, thoughts, and perspectives as they relate to the organization’s internal purpose and objectives. They should be comfortable leading and sustaining change; embody a sophisticated sense of racial and social justice with an appreciation for fostering diversity, equity and inclusion; and the ability to manage growth. The Director must be able to thrive in a small team environment, where members must “roll up their sleeves”, to ensure effective and smooth HR support to employees across the organization, while also venturing upstream to be a strategic thought partner to the senior management team.

The ACLU seeks expertise in many of the following areas: recruitment/retention strategy, organizational design, change management, professional development and training, internal communications, project management, regulatory and compliance, conflict resolution, benefits administration, compensation modeling, technology infrastructure, and facilities. Experience in a mission-driven, high-growth environment is highly desirable along with a quick-thinking, flexible, and inclusive approach that values the need for consensus while driving progress against ambitious goals.

An inspirational style that compels others to perform at the highest levels, embrace change and self-reflection, and adopt a cohesive vision is essential. The candidate will possess a deep commitment to the ACLU’s mission of protecting civil liberties for all people, a sense of duty to and understanding of racial justice and all forms of equity, and the wisdom to deploy influence, persuasion, and active listening in pursuit of change. Excellent communication and negotiation skills are critical. A Bachelor’s degree in human resources or related field is required, an advanced degree is preferred.
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